Evolis: Two Card Printers For Security In Business And A Whole Lot More

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Security is everywhere, and especially in business. Evolis is the company if you need a tighter security in the office setting, or out on the floor. Their printer cards work and work well every time. Read on to learn about a few options for printing needs with two printers from Evolis. The card printers’ are revolutionary and you’ll love how well they make life easy at work.

Evaluating the Dualys Id Card Printer

Evolis has Evolis printers in a range of models. The Evoil printer Dualys will stop any worry of someone being in an area, or have access to something that they don’t need to have with this card. Not only will it stop unwanted intrusions, but the Evolis Dualys ID card printer has a lot of benefits when using it. This Evolis printer will print in black and white or even color. The technology of dye sublimation is used, so it won’t fade in intense light, or smear and bleed through the other side. One of the best things about this brand from Evolis is that it will print on both sides with no need to turn and reinsert the card.

Evaluating the Evolis Tattoo Printer

Evolis has another top printer for business in the Evolis Tattoo printer. There is one drawback with this card printer in that it prints in black and white. The great thing about it is that this Evoil printer will use cards made of paper. The information on the card can then be run back through the printer and it’s deleted. You can then write again new information which saves lots of dollars and mountains of time. It’s a rewrite ahead of its time. Both units are small, and can be easily transported to other places.

Evolis ships just about anywhere in the world, even if you need an Evolis printer in China, it’s a sure bet you can get one. Sometimes online you can find a discount Evoil printer as recommended by iBestPrinters.co.uk, but finding a cheap Evolis printer will be hard. Evolis means quality and high technology that keeps rapid pace with the times. Most of the time you have to pay well for what you need to run a business securely and it’s worth it.

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